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  • [05.10.2006] some more additions have been made to the mp3 section


  • [01.10.2006] thanks to for the great support! stay tuned for the complete chromag collection really soon!


  • [25.09.2006] new track added: hochzeit.mp3: instrumental version of what me and my whife sang for her sister's wedding. not quite demo-style ;)


  • [18.09.2006] added some unreleased tracks. music section is still empty, though... if you are looking for my old 4channel modules and some not so old multichannel tracks, check out this great site, where you can find 223 tracks I did during the years:


  • [15.09.2006] the site is back online after several years of lazyness.some preview versions of recent tracks available... cheers to my mate ne7 for the great chromag logo! by the way: I'm quite active doing music again so contact me for tracks!


latest added tracks
file comment
struck by boredom [mp3] started in 2005, still not finished
charming but drunk 4 [xm] chiptune released here
northern lights [mp3] started in 2005. not used.
rebellion [xm] chiptune remix of an old mod
fairlight [mp3] demotune started for a fairlight release
up north [xm] title track for a gamecompany's demoreel
legends [mp3] little introtrack
sky [xm] title track for a game. to be released at a compo near you :)
prophecy [xm] little chippie