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1987: the story begins when a 13 year old boy gets his first amiga 500 for christmas. what a great gift!

1988: the little boy starts his scene-career. he is a mail-swapper but wants to become a musician, since he has played the piano for quite some time and stamps are too expensive for a poor pupil.

1989: the little boy thinks of a handle, since every cool dude has got a nickname. from one fine day on, he calls himself by the name of animalogic. he founds his own group called ecstasy. they release some dos-compilations with old demos and a dos-musicdisk with ripped music.

later on that year, animalogic gets in contact with ucom of the legendary spreadpoint, truly one of the best demogroups ever. ucom says, animalogic sounds lame so he thinks of a cooler name again. he remembers a group he used to buy stuff from: the cromag crew. "hmm, cromag sounds cool... i'll just take that one", he thinks, and so animalogic turned into cromag. something's wrong you might think... yes, here's the story of how "cromag" turned into "chromag". one of the coolest days in cromag's career was when spreadpoint greeted him in one of their intros. but what the heck, they couldn't spell cromag correctly and turned it into chromag by adding an "h". cromag truly thought that he became famous by being greeted in an intro and immediately changed his name into chromag, so that everyone could see he was respected by spreadpoint...

1990: chromag starts his musical career by releasing a tune in exult's megademo II. actually the tune is kind of a sample rip-off of a walkman tune but noone realized...

the early nineties: chromag changes groups like shoes, relases some bad four-channel tunes (which can be found on the aminet). he gets in contact with  cybersonik and mount, two great scene-personalities. at the party II, cybersonik is a member of alcatraz at that time. mount later founds parasite, even later a group called polka brothers. at that time, chromag becomes a double-member of both dual crew and polka brothers (members: crash/complex,  laxity/kefrens, zinko, airwalk/kefrens etc.).

1993: at the party III, chromag gets 11th at the music-competition. a great success. moby raises his head, when chromag's "rage against the machine" track called fuck the norm is played to the audience. Moby of course won the competition :)

1994: release of the legendary chart-topping musicdisk chromagic. release of switchback, rebels competition-winning demo, release of 4ko, winner of the party IV intro-competition. at the music-competition, chromag wins the 3rd price. truly the most successful year in his scene-career. chromag is one of the most famous amiga-musicians. at the party IV, rebels releases the whammer slammer demo, voted 5th on the competition.

1995: at the end of the year, chromag cuts down his scene-career and gets a girl-friend. real life begins.

1995-1999: first experiences with multi-channel tracks. chromag gets internet access and rearranges contact with the scene. lots of offers to join groups, loads of new contacts.

in a nutshell, here's a list of computer groups i have been a member of:

ecstasy - exult - megaforce - end of century 1999 - proton ltd. - royal amiga force - cult - addonic - platin - dual crew - essence - lego - dual crew-shining - rebels - polka brothers - acme - tbl - crux - talent - haujobb - fairlight - tristar & red sector inc. -

music competitions

as far as i can remember...

- 3rd at sun and fun conference 1993 (??)

- 2nd at the commodore music competition cebit/hannover 1993

- 11th at the party 3 in denmark 1993

- 3rd at the party 4 in denmark 1994

- 2nd at the blackbox symposium 1995

- 2nd at the 68x concention 1995

- 6th at the mekka symposium 1996

- winner of the convention music competition in norway 1999

- winner of the mp3 compo at the mekka symposium 2000

- 2nd (and 4th) at the tracker competition at the mekka symposium 2000

- winner of the tracker compo at takeover 2001 in holland

- second of the mp3 compo at takeover 2001 in holland 

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